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Melting Equipments

 The KELSONS LADLE is meticulously designed and manufactured to ensure a seamless & effortless handling experience.

  • KELSONS manufactures its own LADLE GEAR BOX.
  • Kelsons have in-house gear box manufacturing facility
  • Kelsons Gear Box are Manufactured from 500 to 25 Ton Capacity
  • All the spares of Kelsons Gear Box are interchangeable with sturdy body.
  • Kelsons maintains a ready stock of Ladle - Gear Boxes.
  • All the spare parts of the Ladle gear boxes are available in Ex - Stock.

  • The smooth handling of KELSONS LADLE contributes to the production of high- quality castings.
  • Kelsons ladles effectively reduce worker fatigue, thereby enhancing overall worker efficiency.
  • Thanks to its uniform pouring capability, the KELSONS LADLE eliminates casting rejections and blow holes in the casting process.
  • Kelsons specializes in providing cost-effective ladles designed to meet IS standards.
  • Kelsons Ladles are meticulously designed using 3D modelling software such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD.
  • Kelsons manufactures both standard and customized ladles to cater to diverse customer needs.
  • Kelsons ladles prioritize safety precautions throughout their manufacturing process and ensure they are heat-resistant.
  • Kelsons Manufactures and supplies 30 to 40 nos' of ladles every month.
  • Kelsons manufactures different types of ladles, such as
  • Lip Pouring Ladles
  • Tea Spout Ladles
  • SG Treatment Ladles
  • Filter Ladles
  • Bottom Pouring Ladles
  • MG Core Wired Treatment Ladles
  • Auto Poured Ladles
  • Shell & Bail Arms.

Once you start using our ladles, you, your shop supervisor, and the ladle handling personnel will all experience great satisfaction and happiness with their performance.

1A. Crane Suspended Ladles Lip Pouring - Capacity - 250 Kg To 25 Ton

Crane Suspended Ladles

1B. Crane Suspended Ladle - Tea Spout Pouring - Capacity - 250 Kg To 2 Ton

Tea Spout Pouring

1C. Crane Suspended Ladle - Filter Pouring - 250kg To 4 Ton

filter  type ladle

2A. S. G. Treatment Ladle ( Lip Pouring ) - Capacity - 150 Kg To 10 Ton

sg treatment

2B. Sg Treatment Ladle Filter Type - Capacity - 300kg To 5 Ton

filter type

2D. Bottom Pouring Ladle - Capacity – 500 Kg To 20 Ton

bottom pouring ladles

2D. Bottom Pouring Ladle - Capacity - 10 Ton

Bottom Pouring Ladle

2D. Bottom Pouring Ladle - Capacity - 10 Ton

Bottom Pouring Ladle

Kelsons Ladle Handler

bottom pouring ladles

Made out MS. Fabricated flats for guide and a gearbox fitted with Rack and Pinion Ratchet arrangement with 1200 mm vertical displacement with manually operated handle. Top & Bottom hooks are forged for more reliability & assured performance. Latches are provided for better safety.

Kelsons Ladle With Preheater - (Capacity 250 To 15 Ton)

ladle preheater

Bottom Pouring Ladle Arrangement System