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KELSONS can provide standard models and tailor made Metal Handling Equipment solution to your specific needs using experience gained from large & varied installed base. KELSONS have developed various types of Ladles, Ladle Handlers & Ladle Preheater. Model- We are having 3 different types of Model

1) Crane Suspended Ladles – For Cast Iron Foundry
1A) Lip Pouring Types
1B) Filter Type Pouring
1C) Tea Spout Pouring Ladles.

2) S. G. Treatment Ladles
2A) Lip Pouring Types
2B) Filter Types
2C) Filter Type with Closed Tundish Cover

3) Bottom Pouring Ladle – For Steel Foundry

1A. Crane Suspended Ladles Lip Pouring - Capacity -250 Kg To 25 Ton


1B. Crane Suspended Ladle - Tea Spout Pouring - Capacity - 250 Kg To 2 Ton


1C. Crane Suspended Ladle - Filter Pouring - Capacity - 250 Kg To 3 Ton

filter- type-ladle

2A. S. G. Treatment Ladle ( Lip Pouring ) - Capacity - 150 Kg To 10 Ton


2B. S. G. Treatment Ladle ( Filter Type ) - Capacity - 300 Kg To 3 Ton


2D. Bottom Pouring Ladle - Capacity – 500 Kg To 20 Ton


2D. Bottom Pouring Ladle - Capacity – 500 Kg To 20 Ton


Kelsons Ladle Handler


Made out MS. Fabricated flats for guide and a gearbox fitted with Rack and Pinion Ratchet arrangement with 1200 mm vertical displacement with manually operated handle. Top & Bottom hooks are forged for more reliability & assured performance. Latches are provided for better safety.

Kelsons Ladle With Preheater - (Capacity 250 To 15 Ton)