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Our Foundry Equipment

Sand Preparations :


1. Sand Mullers

Kelsons make sand mullers are heavily constructed With suitable Motor and gearbox, For long and durable life all mullers are provided with Stainless Steel Sheet Lining inside main the shell, Scraper are brazed with Carbide Tips at Bottom & Side
All mullers are Available with or without aerator
Accessories For Sand Mullar
Sand Aerator, which is attached below the Muller door, where the Sand drops on the Rotor Blades to aerate Sand. It is of fabricated closed box.
Skip Charger For Muller
It Consists Of Full Drive Assembly, With Rotary Cam Type Limit Switch Box, Run Way Structure, Bucket, Wire Rope Pulley Assembly, Top Pulley Structure, Chute For Charging & Electric Control Panel. [Available for 350 & 500 Kg.]
Batch Capacity 150, 250, 300, 350, 500Kgs. & 1 Ton
Sand Muller


2. Sand Siever

Kelsons make Sand Siever to sieve the return and fresh sand in very essential in medium and small foundry for sieving sand driven with suitable drive
Sand Siever


3. Sand Siever

Kelsons make mobile [Portable] sand siever available in single / double deck
Very Use full in small foundry and Core Shop Equipments
Sand Siever

4. Wheel Barrow

These wheel barrows are mainly used for transporting sand/ waste material / spillages in Foundry.

Wheels are of MS or Fiber as per required by customers

Available Single wheel / Double Wheel

Wheel Barrow
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